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How Borax Could Be The Magic Potion You’re Looking For In Your Battle Against Bugs

borax bottlePests such as mites and roaches are also known to forage in dark crevices and holes in the house, so patch these up if you can. Mites are much harder to get rid of because it’s simply impossible to see them with your naked eye. If you suspect their existence however, you should wash all your bedding materials such as your pillows, your pillow sheet and also bed sheet. Wash these at a higher temperature to make sure that all the mites die completely.

If such pest problems are common in your house, you might not want to keep a humidifier around. Pests are very likely to thrive in humid areas, so this could make your problem worse.

It shouldn’t take long for these pest deterrents to work their magic. Another very popular alternative to keep away most types of pests like ants, roaches, and termites would be Borax. You could simply leave some Borax powder in the corners of the room where you last saw the pests, or you could also mix the Borax powder with some water to form a solution. Just leave the solution in a petri dish or a shallow bowl of water. It works best if you keep the lights in the room off. Most pests, including rats, like dark places. In fact, most of them would avoid lighted areas as much as they can.